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Program Costs

Many students think that studying abroad is too expensive. While study abroad is an investment, it doesn't have to cost as much as you think!  Program costs vary widely depending on the location of the program. For example, spending a semester in Beijing may cost much less than a semester in London!  Click here to find out more about how You Can Afford To Study Abroad.

IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT YOU CAN FIND A PROGRAM THAT IS SIMILAR IN COST TO A SEMESTER AT FMU.  Some programs may even cost less than a semester at FMU.  Scholarships and financial aid are available.  See below for FAQs about Financial Aid.

Each program has a different cost. Here is some general information to guide your choices:

ISEP-Direct Programs: The cost of these programs is generally between $10,000 and $12,000 for semester tuition and housing.  Summer programs range from $4,000 to $6,000. Students will need to budget additional money for food (if not included), international airfare, and personal expenses.

Affiliate Programs: The cost of these programs varies significantly. Generally, affiliate programs are more expensive than other options because they provide extra support services. Students will need to pay the program fee and additional expenses such as international airfare and personal expenses.

Group Programs: Students pay the group program fee + FMU tuition (if applicable).  The group program fee usually covers housing, group activities/excursions, ground transportation, and entrance fees/tours.  Students should also budget for international airfare (if not included), food, and personal expenses.

All programs require a passport booklet, which costs $140. Some countries require a student visa to enter, which may be an additional cost.

Financial Aid FAQs

Can I use my Federal Aid to study abroad?

Yes, federal aid (loans and grants) may be used toward the cost of attendance at a study abroad program.

Can I use Florida state aid for my study abroad program?

No.  Florida state aid (e.g. pre-paid tuition, bright futures, residence access grant) may not be used for study abroad.

FMU gives me a scholarship each year to attend school here.  Can I use this scholarship toward the cost of my study abroad program?

In many cases, yes.  Inquire at the Financial Aid Office for more details.

I'm looking at programs, but I don't know if they are more expensive than FMU. How much does it cost to go to FMU for a semester?  

You may see the cost of attendance on the FMU website under "Admissions".

My study abroad program costs more than what it costs to attend Florida Memorial University. Can I get more financial aid to cover my study abroad costs?

The Financial Aid Office can increase your Cost of Attendance so that you may apply for additional Parent PLUS or alternative loan funds. Unfortunately, the FAO cannot offer or increase any grant or scholarships that you are receiving.  You may be eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships.

The study abroad program must be paid before my financial aid will be released.  What do I do?

You can request that the FAO send an aid verification form to your program to notify them about the aid you will receive and when it will be released. It is up to your program to decide if they will hold off payment until your financial aid is received. Some programs have their own aid verification forms that the FAO can complete for you.

How do I receive my refund?

Financial aid is released ten (10) days before the start of the FMU semester (even if your host institution has a different schedule).  FMU will pay the program costs directly and then your host program/institution will issue you the refund.  Therefore, the refund may be issued several weeks into the semester.

When is the earliest that my financial aid can be released to me for my program?

Due to federal regulations, the FAO is unable to release your aid earlier than ten (10) days before the start of the semester at FMU.

Am I eligible to use my DC Tag Award?

Students are only eligible to use their DC Tag Award for programs that have both in- and out-of-state tuition charges (not one flat program tuition cost), bill FMU directly, and where the student is considered as being enrolled at FMU.
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